Windows XP Support Ending With Popup Warning

Posted By: Michael Dickie to Software 5 years ago
Windows XP Support Ending With Popup Warning

With less than a month left in the support of Microsoft Windows XP, we are learning how Microsoft plans to inform the masses of late adopters. It turns out that Microsoft will be sending out a pop up message to users of the operating system that opted to receive automatic updates. 

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As the end of Windows XP's support gets ever closer—just over a month to go—Microsoft has shown what it's going to do to inform users of the change. Windows XP machines that have automatic updates enabled will be sent a pop-up message on March 8 to tell them that Windows XP will lose support on April 8. From the message, XP users will be able to visit the end-of-support website. The message will pop up on the eighth of every month unless users elect to never see

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